We offer specialized services in Permanent Staffing, Contract staffing, Contract to Hire, RPO Services, Interview panel/Video interview for technical skills, non-technical, and traditional positions ranging from IT professionals, engineers to receptionists and assembly workers.

We take pride in our short turnaround time, which ensures that we deliver the work within the agreed timeframe. Our proprietary skill-assessment and job-matching tools are highly scientific and fool proof, helping us identify the right candidates with the right skills, attitude, and talent. Our manpower database is diverse and continually growing, allowing us to offer people for all positions in all fields.

  • Permanent Staffing – 100%

  • Contract Staffing – 100%

  • Contract to Hire Staffing – 100%

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing -100%

  • Interview Panel /Video Interviews – 80%

CXO and Excecutive Search

Our focus is on ensuring the alignment between client and executive expectations so that we provide a channel of communication to diligently work towards the same. While we understand the immense significance of your executive team in conceptualizing your mission, we strive to deliver to you the best fits of skill and will for your executive search. We cover your recruitment needs, through the Leadership and Executive spectrum, ensuring that every position is provided for. The Methodology for CXO & Executive Search, which Avsar will undertake, is as outlined below:


Head Hunt

Schedule Interview in Conjunction with Hiring Team

Present Shortlist to Hiring Managers and Leadership

Lateral Hiring

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Volume Hiring

Design & Architecture

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